Reykiavik Barcelona: Organic Bread & Co.

One of the best traditional bakery in Barcelona, in the Gracia area
At the corner of Carrer del Torrents de les flors 5  and carrer de Ramon y Cajal 120
METRO Joanic
Open every day from 8H30 am to 2 PM and from 5 PM to 8 PM
Traditional very small bakery, they bake bread with different flour from wheat, rye, kamut, spelt …
The best croissants in Barcelona, some cakes, pastries, pizzas …

Barcelona´s bakery Reykiavik
Carrer doctor Dou 12 (street in the Raval area between the Ramblas and Macba)
Ph : 93 302 09 21
Website Barcelonareykjavik

Second shop in the Gracia area    pan
carrer Asturies 20 ( Metro Fontana)

Third shop in the  Born area
Carrrer Princesa  ( Metro Jaume)

If you are used to eat good whole wheat bread, you might be fed up after a few days with the white industrial breads (there are very few real bakeries in Barcelona )! Go to Barcelona Reykjavik shop.

2 steps from the Rambla and the Macba, on carrer Doctor Dou N°12  you can buy really good bread.
Gudrun from Reykjavik (Iceland) and David from Barcelona  started baking their own bread, they decided to share the treat with the rest of the city. The bakery is behind the shop. Everything is very clean and fresh.

Slow Bread : Founders David Nelson and Gudrun Margret have returned to traditional breadmaking to recover the flavor, quality and health benefits lost in industrial bread. Instead of processed flour, they use mostly stoneground spelt, an ancient grain that is more easily digested. Instead of industrial yeast, they use a starter made from corn, peas and the yeast from flowers, requiring a 15 hour fermentation period.

They also sell pizzas and home made cakes ….

September 2012 . Reykiavic opened a Tapas Bar  on carrer del Pi 5 in the Gotico area, metro Liceu. Near the church del Pi and the carrer del Angel. Historical centre.

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