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Albondigas” : small meatballs in tomatoe sauce
Berberechos al vapor : delicious steamed clams, it really tastes the sea
Bombas“: smashed potatoes croquets with meat inside served with the famous brava spicy sauce
Boquerones en vinagre : anchovies in vinegar
Calcots” : grilled fresh onions with the typical catalan Romesco sauce from end November to end February
Cecina : ham from beef (usually ham is made with pork meat) served with olive oil
Chipirones : deep fried baby squids
Ham croquets or chicken croquets
Grilled schrimps or cigalas
Grilled asparagus
Musclos al vapor, big yellow steamed mussles
Pan con tomate” Crustry bread with tomato. Cut slices of bread about 2/3-inch thick. Cut tomatoes in half. Rub their pulp slowly on one sides of the bread to color the bread. Drizzle then with olive oil. Arrange the slices on a large platter. If desired, serve with very thin slices of the Serrano ham. The quintessential Catalan tapa. A perfect accompaniment to the rest of your tapas.
Pinchos. This is a concept that originates from the Basque region of Spain. Pinchos are like mouth sized tapas – always served on top of pieces of bread. They are also sometimes called ‘Montaditos’
Patatas bravas : fried potatoes with brava sauce.
Pimientos de Padron” small green peppers cooked in an oily pan then salted
Queso y Jamon Serano : Cheese and spanish finely cut ham
Russian Salad This is a heavy dish made up of potatoes, peas, hard boiled eggs and potential other vegetables, covered in mayonnaise.
Tortilla” typical spanish omelet with potatoes inside, zuchinis, onions
Wild grilled mushrooms in autumn

Tapas History

Once the “botillerias” (bottle-shops) and “tabernas” (taverns) became established throughout Spain , the wise King’s decree remained in place. For that reason, the glass or jar of wine was served covered with a slice of either smoked ham or cheese.
This for two reasons: first to prevent insects or other impurities falling into the jar and secondly, for the guests not to get drunk with something solid, as the King Alfonso had advised. This is the origin of the tapa,  a solid food that covered the wineglass.

Very popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants, tapas are appetizers that usually accompany  aperitifs and cocktails. They can also form an entire meal and range from simple items such as olives or cubes of ham and cheese to more elaborate preparations like room temperature omelets (Tortilla) , garlic shrimps and little meatballs, croquets. Some restaurants suggest a Tapas Menu with a choice of several tapas.

  • Tapas is not a starter. If you start eating tapas, you finish eating tapas, and you don’t stop until you’re full.

THE BEST TAPAS CHOICE (very fresh) in Barcelona at the restaurant “Ciudad Condal” or “Ciutat Comtal” in Catalan on the Rambla de Catalunya

Ciudad Condal Tapas  Open everyday from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. corner Rambla de Catalunya y Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes
Ph: 93.318.19.97                                                                                                       There is also a big terrace on the Rambla de Catalunya.

Same owners :
Cerveceria Catalana
 Carrer Mallorca 236   Barcelona +34 932 160 368

Be carefull on where you eat tapas …. the freshness is very important !

Tickets  Avinguda Parallel 164.  Adria Ferran from the famous restaurant El Bulli opened this Tapas restaurants near the Plaza Espana

IMPREVIST   Carrer Ferlandina, 34 Barcelona  very close to the Macba museum in the Raval area. Very good choice of tapas.

Carrer Corsega 343  en Gracia    Monday from 8  to 5 PM,  Tuesday to Friday from 8 to 2 am, Saturday from 1 PM to 2 AM

Galovi Restaurant opened April 2013 in the Born area very close to the Passeig del Born near the market del Born
Nice choice of  Tapas : very good and fresh    Carrer Rec 31  08003 Barcelona

El Brutal  Carrer Princesa 14  (very close to Metro JAUME )  New 2013
It combines a classic bodega at the entrance, with a wine bar  ( also some tapas) at the back. They stock 300 wines, all from organic or bio-dynamic producers. Very nice restauration of this old neighbourhood bar.

TAPAS 24  carrer Diputacio 269  open from 9 am to 12 pm Close on Sundays.
The keystone of  Carles Abellan’s proposal are his tapas, which are based on the tastes of memory and an open-minded attitude to the best of all culinary cultures.


TAPAS contest from November 29th to December 4th 2011 in Barcelona centre.

The 4th edition of De Tapas per Barcelona is in full swing and you can have the chance to taste the best tapa from 39 participating restaurants and bars in the city along with an Estrella Damm beer for only 2.40 €.

After trying 3 different tapas from 3 different locations, all you have to do is fill out the questionaire and vote for your favorite.

You have the chance to win : 2 Tablet PC 7″, 1 diner for 2 in a 1 Star Michelin restaurant from Barcelona or 5 Ipod Shuffle


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