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It´s not always an easy task to find an original and tasteful present (especially at this time of the year, close to Christmas). Barcelona has visitors coming during the whole year and it´s always a nice gesture to bring a little present or souvenir back home from holiday. Hence the many souvenir shops around the Ramblas. If you are looking for something different and more personal as the favorite Barca T-Shirt or a can of olive oil, you might want to visit some of the beautiful small shops offering handmade products. Even if it is just to spoil yourself on your holiday and take with you a piece of your Barcelona experience. One of the things making Barcelona so special is the mix of cultures and people from different nationalities settling down here.  We present you some of our favorite, small shops offering handmade products with love – the owners are all foreigners, contributing their own culture and personal style to our vibrant city.

Ena Macana C/ Portal Nou 7

“Watch out for small things” is the favorite message of Ena. The argentinian born jewelry designer has gained already international fame for her original “upcycle” jewelry. Ena takes pieces like parts of old watches, chains, toys… and combines them to new, beautiful creations. Despite her fame the prices are decent and Ena loves to advise the clients with personal attention in her studio-store.

Sabater Hermanos Placa de Sant Felip Neri 1

An agentinian family business in the third generation offering handmade soaps, using still the grandfathers original soap-machine. There are over 40 different soaps on offer, available in different shapes and fragrances.  The shop is located in a former printing house at the picturesque Placa Neri.

Momo C/ Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 6

Once you access the shop, you enter another world. The dim lighting, the beutiful colors and the peaceful atmosphere are a welcome break from the bustling streets of the city centre. The japanese owner Kaori imports traditional pottery from Japan, Vietnam and Korea. Many of the pieces on display are handmade by the japanese community directly in Barcelona. Other highlights in the shop are the lamps, origami cranes, daruma figures, silk kimonos and calligraphy sets.

Changuito Passatge Pau 13

A vintage shop run by the lovely mexican/catalan couple Aide and Sergi. The jewelry designer and photographer turned their passion for fleamarkets and vintage furniture into their business. The shop is like a mix of an art gallery, fleamarket and furniture shop. Here you will find the owners personal work (jewelry and photo art) as well as prints and paintings from local illustraters and artists among other gems. This shop next to the Ramblas is a place where you want to spend some time to discover.

Papa Bubble C/Ample 28

Two australians started this shop with authentic hand-made candy in 2004 and today there are 6 more PapaBubble shops in world cities like New York and Tokyo. Even the shop itself is eye-candy and you can watch the whole process of candy-making directly in the shop! Flavors and designs change matching the seasons and occasions (also custumized designs available) – all of them in stylish, minimal packaging.

Home on Earth C/ Hospital 76

The owners, a couple formed by Mette (from Denmark) and Stefan (from Germany) met in Indonesia. Back to nature and sustainable design are the philosophy of the shop with beautiful, handmade products from all over the world. Scandinavian design lamps made of felt, wodden iphone cases made in Barcelona by Palila and many items designed and produced by “Home on earth” like rugs, house slippers…

Explore the small shops in Barcelona and feel like you are travelling the whole world!

Ena Macana Shop











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Hermanos Sabater
















Soap Sabater
















Momo Lamps
















Momo bowls










Changuito Passatge








































Papabubble candy













Home on earth
















Home on earth Cuca



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