Spanish Restaurants Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Spanish people eat very late. Normally, they go to restaurants for lunch between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm and for dinner not earlier than 9:00 pm. Restaurants therefore mostly open their kitchen at 9:00 pm and close at about 11: 00 am. Nevertheless, due to the huge number of tourists who are not used to eat late, many restaurants in Barcelona start to serve earlier, especially around Las Ramblas and the Barrí Gotic.


Spanish restaurants very often offer three course lunch menus (menú del día) that include salad, plates and a drink for a low price (from 9 to 15 €) every price category.


There are no fixed rules for tipping and local people tip very little. It is common to tip about 5 percent for a waiter in a restaurant. Leave the money on the table when you are leaving.

Do you want to learn how to cook a real Paella … It is possible to follow a course and then eat it  in the old centre, near the cathedral and the plaza de la Generalitat

Cook and Taste
Carrer Paradis 3
08003 Barcelona
Phone (+34) 93 302 13 20

Website to book a course online  Cook and Taste

3,5 hours course + meal : 60 €/pers
Everyday even on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning and the afternoon.
Course in English, French and Spanish

You will also be able to go to the Boqueria market to buy what is  needed for the Paella

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