See Barcelona in Shakira’ s new video: Loca

Shakira´s new video clip “Loca” has been recorded in Barcelona, you can see a lot of the city of Barcelona in this latest clip.

Youtube Shakira video LOCA

Making of of this video in Barcelona on August 19th 2010

Shakira’s manager got in touch with us to rent a beach apartment, but unfortunately we didn´t have any apartment available for her. She stayed in the new W hotel in the beach area.

In the video clip you can see the Barceloneta beach and the relaxed lounge terrace of beach club Mellow. Try one of their delicious cocktails!

You will see Shakira on Barcelona  Passeo Maritimo  in the Barceloneta area, roller skating,  motor riding, swimming in the sea or jumping in a fountain …

Have a look at our website to see the beach appartments in Barcelona

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