San Juan & Magic Night: celebrate the summer’s beginning!

The 24th of June is the celebration of  Sant Juan ( or San Joan in Spanish)  in Catalunya and in some other places like Valencia. It´s a bank holiday, but more important is the “Magic Night”of the 23rd of June when the beginning of the summer is celebrated. People have dinner at home or in a restaurant with afterwards a special desert which is called coca, a cake made of puff pastry covered with pine nuts and/ or fruits. After dinner, at about 10pm, the party starts. You will see, and especially hear, fireworks everywhere.  Apart from the fireworks, bonfires are part of the tradition. Although they are forbidden in most areas people burn old furniture saved during the year. A good place to go are the Barcelona beaches where people dance and drink till sunrise enjoying the start of the summer.

The Sant Joan festival is also called La Nit de Sant Joan – the night of Saint John.

In the beach area, hundreds of people enjoy sitting on the beach, playing music, eating cocas, drinking alcohol … The metro stays opened the all night long.

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