Taxidermista Restaurant

Plaza Reial, 8
Barcelona Ramblas (Metro Liceu)

Situated on the famous Plaza Reial ( next to the Ramblas) and with a big history Taxidermista offers light mediterranean food. On the terrace, you can have some tapas. ( Served from 1pm till 1am).

In 1859, when it was the Gran Cafè Espanyol, Àngel Guimerà used to celebrate his literary gathering here. Later, the cafe became the Museum of Natural Sciences, with its taxidermy workshop. Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Ava Gardner and toreador Mario Cabré visited this magic place frequently. In 1999, the place was restored for the Taxidermista restaurant with eclectic and minimalist intervention respecting the original architecture.

Watch this video of the Taxidermista ( Spanish)

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