The Ramblas – Meet the human statues

Street art and street performers line Las Ramblas from Barcelona and create a truly unique vibe with-in this beautiful city. True enough, you will find street performers in many other European cities but Barcelona is some how the authority on this “industry”, and you will see an incredibly high level of professionalism here, this is Art after all. They are also called “human statues”.  Although they do not speak at all, only make gestures,  I managed to make 3 of them speak about their job.

There were so many street artists willing to work on the Ramblas that, from April 2011, the city of Barcelona has organized the way human statues can work.

Only 30 artists per day are now allowed to work : 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 15 from 4 to 10 pm. They work one month in the morning and the next month in the evening.

First of all they need to be allowed to work on the Rambla. They have to apply for a license and they will get chosen by lotery.

Every year they need to renew the license.

Interview of some living statues :

Karen, the Golden Angel
Country : Argentina
She has been working on the Rambla for 12 years
Full time job.
Self handmade outfit. Golden angel outfit for 4 years.
30 min make up everyday.
She is a dancer and really enjoys her job,
Although it is very hot in Summer and cold in Winter.

Steven, mime artist
Country : England
Has been working for 12 years
Part time job, he could not do it every day.


Roberto, the cow boy
Country : Argentina
Has been working for 14 years
Part time job.

Don Quichotte
Did not answer any questions.

Many other statues can be seen on the Ramblas : 2 ancient Romans, 2 old bikers, a football player, Andre ( the Messi of the Rambla), a Paëlla eater, an Indian,  a princess, a devil with big wings … Some of them start to move when they get some money and sometimes frighten children or adults or give a big kiss.

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