Tried & Tested: “Monvínic”, Wall Street Journal world’s best wine bar

Monvínic opened just 2 years ago – but it is already considered one of the 5 best wine bars in the world, maybe even the best (according to the Wall Street Journal). So we were excited and pleased to hear that our Managing Director (Mathieu Quintart) had decided to spoil us this year with a Christmas dinner at Monvínic – what a treat!

Alfons Tost is responsible for the the modern and clean interior – a mix of glass, steel, concrete and wood.  At first glance this could appear too sleek, or even cold – but in fact a clever ilumination concept creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.




































The wine bar and restaurant is divided in 5 spaces: a wine library (including english bookds), the winebar, restaurant, a space for wine tastings and conferences, and the wine cellar.

With over 600 options of wines from all over the world, Monvínic is certainly a place for vine lovers, but also perfect for the ones who do not know much about wine. Starting with prices from 3,50 €/glass you won´t spend more than in another bar, if you don´t want to try the more exclusive options. An electronic device similar to an ipad helps you to select the wine, as you got a couple of different search options to narrow down the search. We recommend to just follow the sommeliers advices – the whole staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, making you feel comfortable and relaxed right away.

One of the Somelliers is Isabelle Brunet who worked at El Bulli – voted the best restaurant of the world. This reflects the high quality and selection Monvínic represents – also for the food. The creations offered in the “Culinary space” (the restaurant) are elaborated with a main focus on the best quality of the products used. The fresh ingredients are all from Catalan farmers whose photographs are projected on the wall of the dining space.














We enjoyed a great dinner with fresh pasta and truffles, tasty grilled vegetables with flowers and herbs, a tender veal with mushrooms and potatoes and an irresistible dessert of crema catalana and petit fours. Not to forget of course about the wines: after starting with a delicious Champagne (L. Aubery & Fils Champagne Rosé) as an aperitif, we savored a fantastic Syrah from Israel (Golan Heights, Yarden Syrah Ortal 2004) and a fruity Chardonnay from South Africa (Stellenbosch WOD, Nine Yards Reserve 2008). The deserts were accompanied by sweet wines from Austria (Ludwig Hiedler, Grüner Veltliner BA 2007) and Australia (Seppelt, Para Liqueur Tawny Grand).












After the dinner we had the opportunity to take a look at a part of the wine cellar – and a wooden box containing the most expensive wine on the card:  a rare Romanée Conti for 7.500 € …. !































As Monvínic is exlusivly a wine bar (no other alcoholic drinks available), we changed the location to end the evening with a cocktail. Luckily Mathieu is a member of “Club Mutis” which is kind of a myth in Barcelona. Mutis is a “members only” club and you have to be invited to obtain a membership and access to this exclusive bar and restaurant. It is located in a beautiful, typical apartment of the Eixample area where a door man let us in, informing the owner by phone that we will be upstairs shortly and to welcome us.  The decoration is  classic and cozy with a golden ceiling, comfortable brown leather sofas,  red velvet curtains and beautiful fotos on the walls. Its the perfect surrounding to end an evening, whilst enjoying  live music (every evening a diferent performance) and the best Gin & Tonic in town!














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