Lets Go And Eat Tapas!

Did you already try a pintxo or eat tapas during your stay in Barcelona?

When you are in Barcelona these days the Ruta de pintxos i tapes del Poble Sec is the perfect way to try it.

Every Thursday till the 20th of December you can enjoy the experience of eating tapas for only €2,- (1 pintxo + a beer or wine) in the Poble Sec area.

This is the list of bars which participate in the ruta de pintxos i tapes del Poble Sec.

-Koska Taverna, C/ Blai 8

-Bar Zodiaco, C/ Blai 39

-Lia d’en Vicius, C/ Blai 30

-Taberna La Boheme, C/ Blai 65

-Tiel·la i Llibertat, C/Blai 35

-Tribal, C/ Blai 29

-El Carmesí, C/ Blai 28

-El trenta36sis, C/ Margarit 36



-Bodega La Tieta, C/ Blai 1                                       -Bar Seco, Passeig del Montjuic 74

-Bairoletto, C/ Roser 82                                             -Bodega Saltó, C/ Blesa 36

-Barramon, C/ Blai 32                                                -Darling, C/ Blesa 34

-La Bota, C/ Fontrodona 23                                       -La Soleá, Plaça del Sortidor 14

-Bar Domingo, Blasco de Garay 15                           -La Churre, C/ Blai 2

-Jon Mai, Plaça del Sortidor 15                                  -La Federica, C/ Salvà 3


Where: Poble Sec

When: Thursdays till the 20th of December

Time: 7pm till 11pm

How much: €2,-



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