Tried & Tested: Ideal Collserola Restaurant

collserola valvidrera

Ideal Collserola Restaurant

Address: Ideal Collserola
carretera de Molins de Rei  Vallvidrera 08017 Barcelona
Phone : 934 069029

Ideal Collserola” is a restaurant on the hill near the Collseral natural park. This restaurant is located among the pines of the natural resort ! you can sit outside on the terrace and look at the pine trees, at sheeps walking around !

You can eat small plates, pizzas, pastas, salads, mediteranean food or just get a drink.

You can get there with the train (Sabadell) from the Plaza Catalunya to Peu de Funicular and then, the cable car to Vallvidrera (one ticket for the train and the cable car ). It takes 25 minutes to get to Vallvidrera from Plaza Catalunya.
Watch out ! ! ! In the train from the Plaza Catalunya, sit in the middle of the train otherwise you will not be able to get out of the train at Peu de Funicular

Then you can walk to this restaurant (15 min walks through Vallvidrera and a pathwalk).

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