Halloween Barcelona


Halloween in Barcelona … It is  not a spanish or catalan traditions but it is getting more and more popular. Children like to dress up like vampires, ugly persons, zombies, monsters … not only children, adults do enjoy it too.

Some pictures in Gracia fish market ….

Enjoy eating Panellets , the typical sweets from Catalunya in Automn. They are made with sweet potatoes and almond powder. Delicious ! You can find the recipe I got from my neighbor Carmen on this blog.

La Castanyada, the ‘Chestnut Festival’ takes place on November 1st. All over Catalonia you will find people gathering in the streets and buying hot chestnuts. You can see those small shops on street corners selling hot chestnuts and sweet potatoes.

Make Up  : Gòtic Maquillatges (carrer Torrent de L’Olla 50 in the Gracia area in Barcelona) is a fantastic shop which has been decorating the faces of Barcelona since 1932. Their shelves are crammed full of powders, paints, masks, eyelashes and tattoos, to name a few – everything you’ll need to finesse your Halloween look. The friendly shop assistants are always happy to help and even give you a few pointers on how best to achieve your desired look!

Do hire an apartment for your stay during Halloween time


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