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Barcelona shopping

Barcelona is, after Amsterdam and Paris, one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe.

With it´s beautiful gay friendly beaches like Mar Bella, San Sebastian or, for the more older guys Chernobyl beach, you can enjoy a lovely summer. If you are staying a bit longer in town, don´t forget to visit Sitges. This friendly place is situated half an hour by train ( depart from Barcelona Sants) from Barcelona. In winter it´s wellknown for it´s Carnaval and in summer for it´s nice beaches. There are lot´s of gay friendly bars like the Dark Sitges Bar in C/ Bonaire 14, or the oldest lesbian bar Mary Pili in C/ Joan Tarrida 14. For a complete overview visit the gay Sitges guide.

The left part of the Eixample, also known as gayxample, is Barcelona’s gay district. This area is close to the centrically located Plaza Catalunya and therefore easily to get there. The closest metro station is Universidad which you can find on the red line 1 and the purple line 2.

It counts many gay friendly bars, restaurants, night clubs and saunas where  you´ll find a lively and tolerant atmosphere. In the day by day guide of Gay Barcelona you can read where to go to on each day of your stay in Barcelona. This is also a good website for other interesting information about Gay Barcelona.

The most famous places to go out in Barcelona are DBoy and Salvation in Ronda Sant Pere 19-21. Two different halls offering very good cocktails and fantastic dance music.

These clubs are from the Matinee Group who also organises special dance parties. Look on their website for the latest information.

Apart from going out you can also do some good shopping in Barcelona.

Nice shops are:

American Men at C/ Consell de Cent 241 where you can find American Sports wear and EMale at C/ Consell de Cent 236 for Spanish Sports wear. For Italian designers clothes you don´t have to go far away for the shop Cool at C/ Consell de Cent 233. And last, but not least, we recommend you to have a look in DGM in C/ Casanova 70. Here you´ll find trendy clothes from brands like Von Dutch, Gola, De Puta Madre and the french brand RG512.

The best time to go shopping is from 10am till 2pm or from 5pm till 9pm otherwise you might have a chance to find some of these shops closed.

After some shopping, and before going out, you must have something good to eat and for this we would like to recommend you the following restaurants:

Sazzerak, C/ Consell de cent 211, International kitchen, tapas and cocktails in a friendly and modern ambience, open from Monday to Friday from 10:30am till 4pm and from 19:30pm till 3am. Saturday and Sunday from 19:30pm till 3am.

Castro, C/ Casanova 85, Creative mediterranean kitchen, lunch menu for €9,90, open every day ( Sunday only dinner).

Iurantia, C/ Casanova 42, Restaurant – Pizzeria combining tradition and modern Italian food. Carpaccio, Risotto, Meat, Fish and of course pizza and pasta. Open every day from 9pm till 12am and from Monday till Friday from 13:30pm till 4pm. Lunch menu for €9,90.

Do you want to know more? Watch this video about the Gayxample in Barcelona.

Ciutadella Park :  a stone monument on the floor ( from 2011) is dedicated to all gays, lesbians, transexuals who have been persecuted during the history. You will find it at the entrance  of the park, on side of the zoo on left side.

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