Gastronomic Restaurant “Comerç 24″

commerc24 fish

commerc24 meatcommerc24 desertCOMERÇ 24  Gastronomic restaurant
Address : comerç 24 (Born market area)
Phone 93 319 21 02

The cook of the restaurant Comerç 24 is Carles Abellan who started his studies with Adrià Ferran from the famous restaurant “El Bulli” in Rosas. Adrià Ferran has won the prize of the world’s  Best Cook of the year in 2006.

Carles Abellan is now also the cook in the W hotel on the beach.

TAPAS C 24 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Tapas restaurant.
Carrer Diputacio 269
08007 Barcelona
Phone 934 880 977

In 2001, he opened his own restaurant in the Born areaComerç 24 carles abellanhas the challenge of alternating tradition and creation. The cuisine is changing day by day depending on the products to be found on the market. It is a “Glocal” cuisine, very curious and open minded, constantly paying attention to other cuisines, wherever they are from, to incorporate the best of them.

Comerç 24 is located in the street comerç N° 24 in the Born area (metro Arc de Triomf or Jaume) 08003 Ciutat Vella

He opened in 2008 the Tapas restaurant TAPAS C 24, delicious and good quality tapas.

Near the Born market and the Rambla del Born.

December 17th 2009 , we had the office Christmas diner at Comerc 24 … and we had such a great evening.
Festival Menu: 7 courses menu,  every dish was so delicious, surprising, amazing… good and very nice service.
The sommelier gave us such a good choice of wine. He explained us how he goes and chooses the wines by going in the vineyards, smelling the ground, speaking with the grower.  Eating in Comerc 24 is  worth an experience to enjoy.

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