Tried & Tested: Botafumeiro Galician Fish Restaurant Barcelona

For more than 25 years seafood restaurant Botafumeiro has been a meeting place for lovers of fresh fish and seafood. Moncho Neira, founder and chef describes: ´Our kitchen aim is to highlight the exquisiteness of the products´.

As a sea food restaurant of reference, their secret is a careful selection of ingredients, traditional recipes that do not mask the taste of the product and studied cooking to give the appropriate point required for each dish. The selection of primary sources, the elaboration of dishes to their service and presentation on the tables and of course an excellent costumer treatment.

You will enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood prepared by its dedicated, talented and professional team who has made this restaurant one of the best fish restaurants specialized in the Galician kitchen of Barcelona. In Botafumeiro you can have lunch or dinner in either one of its lounges, private rooms or at the bar. It´s also possible to take away.

Botafumeiro offers an atmosphere that breaths the culture of cooking and conversation, the culture of Catalan and Galician spirits. For an unforgettable meal!



Location map

C/ Gran de Gràcia 81

08012 Barcelona

Tel.: 932 184 230


Open daily from 1pm till 1am.

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