Seafood Restaurant Salamanca

Sea Food restaurant SALAMANCA
carrer Almirall Cervera 34, 27
08003 Barcelona   
93 221 50 33


Seafood, paella …  and also country food like spanish cheese and ham, solemillo meat … The ham comes from one of their farm in the Salamanca area, at 800 m of altitude.  Big terrace on the Paseo Maritimo, view on the beach.

Typical spanish restaurant in the Barceloneta area, the “SALAMANCA” … Many pictures on the wall with the owner and some famous spanish people, hams hanging from the ceiling…

You get to eat quite fast, you do not have to wait to get a paella or any other dish. Basic restaurant.

We did not want a desert but they gave us a glass of typical spanish alcohol (with the bottle ) a chupito and some pieces of cakes for free !

Not very expensive prices … 2010   13 € / p for a Paella.

There are 4 or 5 different dining rooms, each one has the name of a spanish area : Galicia, Andalucia, Catalunya….many pictures on the walls of famous spanish people who came and ate there. Also a big terrace on the Paseo Maritimo.

Many waiters care for a fast and good service. Linnen white table clothes. Very clean. For your stay in Barcelona, you can hire an apartment in the beach area

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