Festa Major de Gracia

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Do not miss this festival event if you are in Barcelona. The Festa Major in Gracia is from August 15th to 21st 2009.

This year’s theme is the “Nova Canço” , because of the 50th anniversary of the catalan songs from years 60’s to 70’s : singers : Maria del Mar Bonet, Marina Rossell, Quico Pi de la Serra, Santi Arisa, Roger Mas, Joan Isaac…

16 streets will get decorated this year. The calle Verdi is one of the most beautiful. The people living in Gracia spend a lot of time to prepare the Festa Major. Amazing decoration !!! with lightening at night …
Plaza de Gracia, 2 : exposition which shows the work of the people who prepare the Festa Major. from August 15 to 30th.

There are many shops where people can drink, eat …  some get drunk of course …

Schedule :

from August 15th to 21st, every day :

Catalan songs : Oratory de Sant Felip Neri (calle del Sol 8) at 10 p.m.

History of the catalan songs : the writer Miquel Pujado will explain all about it on the Plaza Joanic from 5 to 8 p.m.

Classical music : Santa Maria de Jesus Gracia at 8 p.m.

Gastronomy : All day long, Plaza Manuel Torrente

Dance : Plaza Joanic at 10 p.m.

Jazz : Plaza del Diamant at 10 p.m.

Artcraft : Plaza Vireina all day long

There is a new area dedicated to magic on plaza del Nord.

Castellers , human towers, each team wears different colours of outfit.
On Saturday at 12 a.m. on Plaza Vila de Gracia. It is worth seeing it ! Young kids, adults, women, men all together they are trying to make the highest tower.

How to get to the Gracia area : Metro Fontana, Joanic.

Infos about Gracia area on our blog have a look at the City Guide

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