EYES cream Barcelona. Unusual Ice cream :-)

Eyes cream and friends Barcelona . EYES cream ?

You thought you have seen everything about Ice cream …EYES cream ?

New in Barcelona September 2012

Passeo Joan Borbo, 30 Barceloneta area, Barcelona

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 1 pm – 12 am
Fri 1 pm – 2 am
Sat 12 pm – 2 am
Sun 12 pm – 12 am  EYES cream ?







Originated from Asia, and it has come straight to Barcelona. Why Barcelona? “Because we live here,” say Joad Lopez, who is originally from the island of Curacao in the Caribbean and his  partner Federico Mendoza from Venezuela.  Joad and Federico gave up their corporate jobs to follow their entrepreneurial dream, in the city which they describe as being:  “a city of innovation and trends, a funky place with everything to do with products and personality.”

This, they claim, is the essence of the Barcelona identity. And their mission is reinventing a classic product through this local identity. They call it Eyescream and Friends, and it will be opening in Passeig Joan de Borbo 30 at the beginning of August in the Barceloneta area, near the beach.  Ice-cream will never be the same again.

But how can you reinvent ice-cream?!  Instead of being scooped out of tubs and served in cones or cups, Eyescream and Friends is “snow ice,” fine velvety shavings from blocks which are frozen at -25º. This is already popular in countries such as Japan, where is known as kakigori, and in Taiwan where they call it baobing. You may also have already come across it in Korea or the Philippines.

“We’re combining natural ingredients and great flavours with trying to understand what’s cool, what people want, and thinking outside the box,” comments Joad.  “We’ve deconstructed the ice-cream and are now re-constructing it.”  Each Eyescream is personified and stares back at you with its candy eyes, surrounded by separate toppings. And each flavour has a name and a little personality that’s linked to the flavour. The sharp design is the brainchild of the people behind Happy Pills sweets, and gives them many elements to play with: the shop design, the staff uniforms, and all the packaging have been customised to provide an experience that goes way beyond the simple pleasure of enjoying an ice-cream. Needless to say, the merchandising and spin-off potential is endless.

Enjoy the beach area while visiting Barcelona. Apartments in the beach area.

Barcelona has 5 km of beaches, every beach has its particularity, many chiringuitos serve drinks, food and music.











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