Tried & Tested: “Dans Le Noir”. Eating in the darkness

dans le noirDans le Noir
Passeo Picasso 10 ( in front of the Ciutadella Park)
Barcelona 08003
Ph : 932 68 70 17
Metro : Jaume or Arc de triomf
Web Dans le Noir

Opening hours :
2 services 20.15 h or 20.45 h y 22.15 h or 22.45 h
Sundays only at 2 p.m.
Dining room for 50 to 60 people
Groups 15 people (or more)

Special birthday party for children ( 7 years old ) on Wednesday and Saturday
Special events : booking from 6 to 8 weeks ahead

Dans le Noir is a french concept restaurant. It means “Into the dark”. The French chef who elaborates the Menu is Olivier Romain. It is much more than a restaurant, it is an experience …

Their philosophy written on their website :

Sensory experience

Dans le Noir? allows you to completely re-evaluate the notion of taste.
Without sight, other senses are offered a new sensation and emotions.
Darkness leads to truthfulness about taste, kills preconceptions and let you face the realities of ingredients and cuisine. Our chef elaborates a refined and sensorial cuisine with fresh ingredients to help our senses to enjoy the “truth” taste of food.

True conviviality

Dining in the total darkness represents a very unusual social experience. How many times have you ever had the chance to talk to people without any preconception that sight implies?
At Dans le Noir? there is no more pressure of other people’s visual judgment. You talk more freely and spontaneously. The absence of vision changes completely the way you act and react, both emotionally and socially. That’s why Dans le Noir? is far more than just a restaurant: it offers a social and convivial experience. Dans le Noir ? raises some questions such as the role of sight in the way we relate to others.


In the dark room, you are guided and served by the blind staff.
A magic switch between sighted and blind people happens. For once, blind people actually become your eyes.
This reversal of roles implies a transfer of trust from the sighted person to the blind guide because without him we are just lost. Who actually feels the most Dans le Noir??
The experience is emotionally strong and this empathy really encourages mutual trust and respect.

You cannot move by yourself  in the restaurant but you have to call the waiter if you want to go to the bathroom and get out of the restaurant.

There is a lighted  bar and lounge and a  terrace in front of the restaurant.
Bar opening hours from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The Menu gets elaborated by a French Chef  Olivier Romain who cooked for famous people like Jacques Chirac, Gerard Depardien, Vladimir Poutin, Georges Bush …
The day by day cooking is supervised by the Chef Christian Nicol .
Fresh products from the markets are used to elaborated the dishes.  Surprising and inovative cooking.

There are already some restaurants Dans le Noir in London, Paris, Moscow … The one in Barcelona is the first one in the South of Europe. Some other cities like Zurich, Basel have this kind of concept restaurant where you eat into the darkness but they are not called Dans le Noir, it is another brand.
Name of the restaurant “Only 4 sense” ( Galeries Royal Saint Hubert ) near the Grand Place.

October 2010 :  Cocoon Barcelona team tried the experience of the restaurant Dans Le Noir. It is a very special experience, you can not see anything and you do not know what you are eating… The waiter – who is blind – takes your arm & brings you to the table. He was very friendly. We would have apreciated that the food would be warmer. You cannot choose the wine, neither the drinks. After the meal, the manager, Christophe takes the time to explain you each dish you ate. Our conclusion is you have to come for the experience not only for the food.

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