LA VANGUARDIA (Spain) – Sept 18, 2011

In September 2011 the well known spanish newspaper La Vanguardia published a nice article entirely dedicated to one of our luxury apartments, the Barcelona Palacio.  Entitled  “Comfort of today with a modernist base”, it talks about charming places where to spend a short time in Barcelona, the best possible way.  Therefore, the choice is not by chance! In the heart of Barcelona, this spacious and luxury apartment has been completely renovated by the architect Jàuregui Ortega maintaining original details (like authentic mosaic floors and ornamental ceilings) and combining them with modernity.

You can click on the picture to read the full article.

Prices: From 69€/person/night.
Capacity: 9 people.
Min Stay: 3 nights

Prices & online booking:







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