Cava Bar “La Champagneria”

La Champagneria
Calle Reina Christina
Barceloneta Metro stop

There is only one cocktail you can order in this bar : una botella de cava…the spanish champagne a lot more cheaper than the French one.

This welknown, fun and crazy bar near the beach in Barcelona serves only a bottle of pink champagne. Each bottle comes with two tapas not tapas like olives but tapas like bacon cheeseburgers, or chicken breast sandwiches with peppers. It is this ingenious concept that has made this hole-in-the-wall bar, world famous.
Everyone has a glass of champagne in one hand, and a greasy cheeseburgers in the other… it gets interesting very fast.

It is really the cheapest place where to eat and drink …

High quality Cava
Recadero Brut Nature Gran Reserva
Website Recadero Cava

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