3 Kings Parade: January 5th


The Three Kings’ parade, Melchior, Baltasar and Caspar or the Twelfth Night ( the day of Epiphany) through Barcelona on January 5 from 5.30 p.m. top 9 p.m.. It is a 5 km long parade through the city, from the Ciutadella Park to the Plaza Espana ( Montjuic fira). It is the bigger street event in Barcelona. Parents take ladders for their children to see the procession as many people enjoy watchng the procession.

Activities around Christmas on Barcelona city guide 

The 3 KINGS  bring gifts to the children in Spain (it is not Santa Claus). It is a very important day for the children when they will wake up on January 6th, they will find toys, games, sweets …..At the beginning of January, in many department stores, you will see one of the King and a valet seated giving sweets ( more than 15.000 kg)  to children. The Three Kings are also called the 3 Wise Men. Gaspar is coming with real camels !

Be carefull January 6th is a bank holiday in Spain. All stores will get closed but not the museums. Many streets in the centre are closed from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Route map of the parade

Schedule :

-4.30 p.m. animations for the people waiting for the arrival of the Kings at Moll del Fusta ( Port Vell)

– at 5.30 p.m.. arrival by boat of their Majesties the Kings at  Moll del Fusta and congratulation by the chief of Barcelona, Joan Clos. Lot of fireworks welcome the Kings. Once they have arrived, the major of Barcelona, will give them the keys for all Barcelona’s doors so that they get in all houses to leave the presents, and will welcome them with bread and salt, following the tradition.

– at 6 .30 p.m. start of the procession ( la Cabalgata). Exit from av. Marquès Argentera.  Start in front of the Ciutadella park.

– at 7 p.m. Vía Laietana (post office).

– at 7.20 p.m. Plaza Urquinaona.

– at 7.30 p.m. Plaza Catalunya.

– at 7.45 p.m. Plaza Universitat.

– at 8 p.m. calle Sepúlveda.

– at 8.20 p.m. calle Vilamarí.

– at 8.40 p.m. calle Lleida.

– at 9 p.m. Arrival at Av. de Rius i Taulet. Magical Fontain (Plaza Espana)

Video Cabalgata Barcelona 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bR8cE40gAc&feature=related

Many street artists take part of this event. The 3 kings and their valets throw sweets in the streets of Barcelona. More than 500  people organize the event.

On January 6, people buy a special pastry (the twelfth Night cake), called Roscon de Reyes or COCA (in catalan) with dried fruits. There is a charm in it, the one who finds it, has to pay the pastry.

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