Boqueria: the most famous market of Barcelona

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Boqueria Market or Sant Josep market at the Rambla

Address : on the Ramblas number 91  Website Boqueria Market

Video of the Boqueria market

It’s the most popular market in town. The market of St. Joseph is best know as Boqueria and its a world into itself. It’s very interesting for both its architecture and its atmosphere where you can find a great variety of products: fresh fish, seafood, fruit, vegetable, meat …. It’s  a 19th century structure of glass and iron.  You can also eat some fresh fruit salad, pizzas, typical spanish dishes, korean, japanese, vegetarian food …in some bars inside of the market. The bar Pinochio is very famous but expensive, the Bar central is very good too.

Prices are reasonable and slightly cheaper than in bigger shops.

Opening hours Mondays to Saturdays  : 8:00 – 20:30 Close on Sundays.

History of the market:

In Catalunya, towns and cities have been founded around markets. It started as a travelling market. La Rambla acquired growing importance as a pedestrian lane, and the market was set in the best place to attract the large numbers of passers-by and local inhabitants.
On St. Joseph’s day in 1840 the first stone of the market of la Boqueria was placed.
In the Christmas of 1871, the gas lighting was introduced to the market.
In 1914 the market with the metal roof was inaugurated. From there, it began to modernise and to improve, not only at a sanitary level, but also aesthetic, and decorative. Over the years, La Boqueria has become the most emblematic market of all the network of markets in Barcelona. The structure, the situation, and the salesmen turn it into an obligated must-see for all the tourists who visit our city.

On the rear of the Boqueria market, a small delicious italian restaurant THE BACARO Carrer Jerusalem, 6,
Open from 12H30 to 17H and from 20H till midnight  +34 695 79 60 66
With Italians, food and theatre come often close together.  It isn’t really a very cheap place, but very informal and worth the money!

Pictures from the Rambla






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