BARCELONA BEST PAELLA tips (includes the original recipe)

Too many people visiting me in Barcelona say that the paella in their respective country is better. This spanish national dish became a tourist trap and quality is mostly very disappointing.  As I live in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to try various restaurants and found these 2 places to eat a great paella. You should not be disappointed!

>At the end of this article, the original paella recipe!






Paella at Xiringuito Escriba


This restaurant at the beach is managed by Juan Escriba, a very well known pastry family from Barcelona. Casual and excellent homemade paella cooked in front of you. The fideua (paella made with pasta instead rice) is also excellent! Good to know: you can order a paella also for just 1 person (restaurants in Barcelona often request a 2nd person).
Address: Ronda Littoral 42, 08004 Barcelona
Phone: 932 210 729

Xiringuito Escriba open kitchen
Barceloneta area
Can Majó

Paella and seafood, very nice terrace in front of the beach
website Can Majó
Carrer Almirall Axaida 23    Barceloneta ( in front of the Beach)

Can Ros and La Mar Salada same owners

Can Ros
Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada, 7  08003 Barcelona  website Can Ros

La Mar Salada   Pg. Joan de Borbó, 58-59  ·  08003 Barcelona    T. +34 93 221 21 27 / +34 93 221 10 15
Restaurant with nice terrace on Passeig Joan de Borbó ( sunshine in the afternoon)

NEW  2013 : MARTINEZ restaurant with beautiful view over Barcelona
Website Martinez
Adress : Park de Montjuic, carretera de Miramar 38  Barcelona  Phone 931 06 60 52
Only Paella and rice dishes

ORIGINAL PAELLA RECIPE from my spanish friend Maria-Jose

Traditionnaly the paella is cooked in a special pan , the paellera  (a wide, shallow pan with looped handles) and  on an outside fire. But you can prepare a good paella in your kitchen with a large frying pan.

> 1 onion,
> 5 cloves of garlic,
> 6 small squid tubes cut in rings,
> 2 or 3 chicken legs,
> 1 red pepper,
> 12 shrimps,
> 12 mussels,
> green peas,
> 3 tomatoes,
> 2 cups of rice,
> 1 bay leave,
> real saffron

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil, cook the chopped onions, 2 red peppers, the garlic cloves. Add the tomatoes, the squid tubes and the chicken. Add 4 cups of water, salt, saffron, the bay leave, and let this stock cook for 15 minutes.
Add the mussles and the shrimps a few minutes to give taste to the stock, take them out of the stock.

Put the 2 cups of rice in a pan and add 4 cups of the stock. Let it cook slowly, add some more stock if necessary.

When the rice is almost cooked, add the shrimps, the mussels and the green peas… It is ready to eat …

Buen provecho !

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