Barcelona: theThree Kings Parade

In Spain and Catalonia the biggest Christmas celebration is not the 25th of  December (as in many other countries) but on the 5th of Jenuary, when the three kings of the Orient – Balthasar, Gaspar & Melchior – arrive at the crib of the baby Jesus. This is celebrated with a big and very impressive parade that takes place on the evening before the Epiphany. The Epiphany is a very important public holiday (not only in Spain) and the biggest “gift giving day” of the year in Barcelona and Spain. During the Three Kings Parade, lots of sweets are thrown from large and impressively decorated “carrozzas” (: floats) to the excited crowd, all in a festive atmosphere (tipically spanish). There are many parades in different city’s districts, one more impressive than the other, and if you are staying in a holiday apartment bcn you’ll enjoy the event even more. In fact, you can leave “your home” and choose to go to your local neighbourhood parade or to the biggest city parade wich welcomes the “Reyes Magos” from the sea. After the welcome ceremony the “Cabalgata” goes through Barcelona. It’s very festive and well worth seeing. Definitely a city’s must for adults and childrens, locals and tourists!

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