The Luxury Hotel W opens in Barcelona

The new W Hotel opens its doors in Barcelona on October 1st 2009.


Ricardo Bofill is the architect of this new beautiful hotel on the right side of the seashore. Ricardo Bofill was born in Barcelona in 1939. Known for his architectural creations including the Shiseido headquarters in Tokyo and the headquarters for Cartier and Christian Dior in Paris, the new area in Montpellier, Barcelona new Terminal T1 (2009)… Bofill’s projects around the world demonstrate his capacity to act in harmony with different local cultures.

The name of this hotel is LA VELA , the SAIL from its look as the sail of a boat.
It looks also like the famous Burj-al-Arab 7 stars hotel from Dubai.

27 floors, 473 rooms including 67 suites, wellness Spa, 2 swimming pools, bars, restaurants

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