Invent your burgers at KIOSKO in Barcelona


Marquès de L’Argentera 1 bis (Francia train station)
Metro Barceloneta   08003 Barcelona.   Phone : 933 107 313

Open from 1 pm to 1 am

Price from 5,20 € to 8,90 €

Choice of buns, classic white, light whole meal, deluxe brioche.

Hamburgers: Classic, Chicken, Manchego, Vegetarian, Japanese, Cayenne, Catalan, Australian, Burgos, Santa Catarina. Choice of salads, home made french fries !
The hamburger of the week is made by the clients . Give them your suggestions, they might choose yours.

And taste their delicious homemade ketchup.

Every burgers is chargrilled and topped with their secret homemade mayonnaise.

Have a look at their website Kiosco 

A very friendly place with wooden tables. Order your hamburger, you receive a number and they will bring your meal at your table. The hamburger is wrapped into kind of a newspaper which is the menu.

You can also order your hamburger and eat it in the Ciutadella Park, very close. Sit on a bench or on the grass on a sunny day.



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