The Innovation Festival Barcelona – IF

The Innovation Festival Barcelona (IF Barcelona), organised by BCD Barcelona Design Centre, is an initiative promoted by the European Commission as part of the PRO INNO Europe initiative, aimed at raising awareness about the crucial role that creativity, design and innovation can play in the progress and development of society and in enhancing competitiveness in business and in the economy as a whole.


IF Barcelona is the first of six such events that will take place in various European cities up to 2011. As the project continues, Milan (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Tallinn (Estonia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Kortrijk (Belgium) will take over from Barcelona, promoting their own international profiles as creative and innovative cities.

Imagine if… the magic were you. Find it out by attending the IF Barcelona Happeing, the opening party of the IF Barcelona that will take place next October 22 at the Roca Barcelona Gallery, an scenario that mixes creativity, design, innovation and technology. It also draws a unique frame to celebrate the starting point of the first Innovation Festival.

Over a whole month, Barcelona will host a wide range of activities, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, congresses, prizes, routes, etc., aimed at bringing creativity and innovation to the widest possible audiences.

What for?
To raise awareness amongst the general public and the business sector about the importance of creativity and innovation.
To familiarise children and young people with creativity and innovation as crucial factors in the market today.
To promote design as a creative activity that plays a crucial role in innovation processes.

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