Discover the best of Barcelona with a personalised guided tour organised bi BGB

Guide Bureau

Barcelona Guide Bureau is a well know company in Barcelona, offering guided tours since 1990. For travellers who want more than just a superficial view of the city, you have BGB and its professional team of guides and interpreters specialized in different fields. With tours in over 7 languages and the important acknowledgment that no two clients are the same, Barcelona Guide Bureau is the right key to the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Barcelona Guide Bureau offers many different tours. Have a look here to find which tours suit you best: The Gaudí Tour will show you the best of Gaudí’s wonderful architecture, taking you around the city in a comfortable coach and avoiding entrance queues.

To discover the natural beauty of Barcelona take The Montjuïc and Panoramic Tour . It’s a tour that combines two areas of Barcelona: The Waterfront and the Montjuïc Hill. However, if you feel like going away from urban Barcelona and enjoy the Catalan nature, go to Montserrat with Barcelona Guide Bureau

Would you like a quick view of Barcelona? Then the All Barcelona Highlights Tour is the tour for you.

In the accessible website, you can reserve the components of your stay.  Barcelona Guide Bureau will happily take you in their hands, being more than a guide for you, before, during, and after your stay in Barcelona. They are a true example of a company that fosters nothing but excellence. Do not hesitate to place yourself in their care.

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