Barcelona DJ’s Summer Week 2009


The best DJs of the world will be coming in Barcelona for the Summer Week August 3rd to 9th 2009.

Tiesto, David Guetta, Erick Morillo, David Vendetta, Antoine Clamaran …

Opening Party at the SHE Club in Vilassa de Mar ( 30 min from Barcelona)
Avenida del Progres
Vilassar de Mar
VIP reservation 00 34 93 759 04 06
She Club web

August 7 and 8 : Montjuic

David Oleart is dj and owner of the She club. He says that the most important thing to do when you are a DJ is to look at the people, understand their behavior. It is  not only to put one cd or another, he wants to create a special atmosphere.  Psychology is very important.

The DJs play in front of thousand of people, with tribal sounds …for an hedonist event.

Best places for DJs : Barcelona,  Ibiza, Bali, Buenos Aires, Mykonos, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Kroatia, Dubai  …

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