Santa Maria del Mar: don’t miss one of the most beautiful Churches in Barcelona


It is the 14th century and the city of Barcelona is at the peak of its prosperity. Those who live in the Ribera, a humble neighborhood of fishermen, decide to build the greatest temple to the Virgin Mary ever seen: Santa María de la Mar, Saint Mary of the Sea. It is not a cathedral but a church. There is only one cathedral in Barcelona, the one in the Gothic area. The bischop lives next to the cathedral.

Ildefonso Falcones “The Cathedral of the Sea“ , a catalan lawyer, wrote a book about the life at the time of the building of this cathedral. He took 10 years to write it. It has  now been translated in many different languages. It has become a best seller book in many countries.

It is about the construction of the cathedral Santa Maria of the Sea in the Born area in Barcelona at the XIV century. It shows how life was in the Middle Age in Barcelona. Barcelona Gotic area did not change from that time. It still has small narrow streets, stone houses …You can feel the Middle Age in Barcelona. On the front door, you can see two men carrying a big stone on their back.

The Cathedral from the Sea is so beautiful … it is the cathedral built by the poor people. The main cathedral of Barcelona was the one for the rich people. The cathedral of the Sea got built quite fast for a cathedral, it took 57 years to build it … a lot less than many cathedrals.

The stained glasses are quite new. Many people did give money for them. The Barça football team has his badge on one of the stained glass.

You can make a tour of the area with a guide who will show you all the interesting spots from the best seller book.

Have a look at this website to book a tour

































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