Barcelona and Skate, skaters, skateboard

Barcelona is a great place for skaters.  Interesting website Barcelona Skate Spots 

One of the main spot is the Macba, the Museum for Art Contemporary Barcelona (very close to the Rambla and the Plaza Catalunya).
The other part of MACBA is the vibe. Now granted this can change from day to day, but generally the locals are friendly and people are in a good mood because of course they are skating in Barcelona. Lots of people come there to hang out, talk, watch the skating and  drink sodas . Even if you don’t skate it is a fun place to people watch.

Others spots

Sants Station

The Parallel




Friday night skate in Barcelona

New Glasses made from used skateboards …. this is done in Barcelona :  2 brothers, great skaters got the idea of making glasses from skateboards …
Have a look at their website Vuerichb  They recycle old skateboards to high quality sunglasses and eye glasses !

Very nice skateboards shop on Carrer de la Ribera 6 in the Born area , just by the Market del Born.

Nice apartment for your holidays in Barcelona in the Born area

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