Good Argentinian Restaurant


Patagonia Beef & Wine
660 Gran Via Cortes Catalanes
Barcelona Eixample
Phone : 933043735

Website : Patagonia Beef & Wine

Choice of different types of beef, chicken and typical argentinian dishes. They all are served with home made  mashed potatoes, french fries, salad.

Some curiosities:  why is the argentinian beef so delicious ? It is a grass fed beef. The Pampa is the most important and best-known cattle-producing region, as it has vast and open pastures. Grass-fed beef is believed to be healthier than beef from feedlots, as it contains less saturated fat and more omega 3. Grass fed cattle live in more natural conditions.  It’s really worth tasting this meat ! The famous gauchos (the cow boys ) living in the Pampa were people of mixed Spanish and African descent who had crossed the border from Brazil to escape slavery.

There are many Argentinians living in Barcelona. Buenos Aires looks very much like Barcelona. Because of the huge crisis in Argentina, many people who had their family’s roots in Europe, still have an european passport and are allowed to live in Spain.

Argentina, unlike most Latin American nations, has a population that is principally of European descent, especially of Italian and Spanish origin.Argentinian people have another accent than Spanish, it is a more “singing” one. Some letters have a real different pronunciation than the castillan spanish.

P.S: For aficionados of this restaurant or for those wishing to try it…we are sorry! It closed its doors because the owners went back to Argentina. But don’t worry, because we have another hidden “argentinian gem” to recommend you. The “MiGracia” ( in the Gracia’s area, as the name suggests), is a small, cozy restaurant dedicated to the lovers of argentinian food and “good living”. The owners, even in this case, are a very nice couple from Buenos Aires: Laura and Lallo. They will delight your senses with typical dishes, good wine, thematic evenings ( Tango, music)  and sympathy (which is always welcome). Good quality food at accessible prices, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Some tips: try the spicy potatoes with pesto (Patatas Boniato = sweet potatoes on the menu). Delicious!!! Even if it’s just the case to say that…they will leave you breathless!

Restaurant: Mi Gracia
Address:  calle Encarnaciò, 52 bajos
Metro station: Joanic (yellow line: 4)
Phone: + 34 93 213 9437
Web page:



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