11th of September, Diada of Catalunya, independance day

11th of September is not only the terrible event in New York.

11th of September is Catalunya National Day.  the Catalunya National Day is a public holiday both in Barcelona and Catalonia region of Spain. 

Barcelona celebrates the “Diada Nacional de Catalunya”  at several locations in Barcelona mostly in the Ciutadella park, where you can visit the parliament of Catalunya.

The diada is often referred to as independence day, but actually the 11th September commemorates the fall of Barcelona, when Catalunya lost its independence and came under Spanish rule 1714 after a 14 months siege of the city by the army of Bourbon king Philip V of Spain – Felipe V.

On Plaza San Jaume, you can visit Barcelona City Hall.


The Born Market will be reopened on September 11 th 2013 after many years of restoring

A beautiful monument with a big lightened flame recording the death of so many people on September 11th, 1714 can be seen on side of the Cathedral of the sea. 









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