Enjoying Barcelona with Kids

When you visit a big city like Barcelona with children, you have to find interesting things for them so that they, and you neither, are getting bored….

Here are 10 tips to entertain you and your children during a long weekend in Barcelona.

1. Go down the Ramblas where the human sculptures will enjoy them. Some are very funny… Do not forget to give some money if you want to take a picture !


2. Stop at the fresh fruit and vegetable Boqueria Market (on the Ramblas) to eat a healthy fruit salad or drink a natural fruit juice.

3. Down at the Ramblas you can go up to the top of the Columbus statue where you will have a great view over the city of Barcelona.

4. The Maritim museum with the old boats from Christopher Columbus´ time is very interesting. It is at Drassanes (2 steps from the bottom of the Ramblas ). The museum is in the former royal shipyards, built between 1283 and 1328, and a superb example of Gothic architecture.
Among the museum’s fascinating things, there are ships of all shapes and sizes, maps and things that they discovered and brought back to Europe from the Americas (spices, very expensive at that time, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas…).
The centrepiece of the museum is a huge full-size replica of Juan de Austria’s Lepanto “galera”.
On the deck you get a brief 3D virtual reality show of the crew – chained four-by-four to their benches for months on end. You could smell these things two miles away. You could smell them before you could see them! Unbelievable and worth to be seen. Many of the crew were Turkish slaves, prisoners of war, but either people did actually volunteer!

5. The Barcelona aquarium is also very interesting for children. They always organize many activities and you can even dive with sharks!

6. The Ciutadella Park is very nice. There are some playgrounds and many people sit on the grass having picknicks, some people do street animation, you can also do some canoeing on the pond with the ducks during the summer months… During the week, it is a nice place to go walking with children. The ciutadella park dates from 1888 year of the World Fair.

7. The zoo of Barcelona. It´s always nice to see some animals… Open every day from 10am. The entrance of the zoo is next to the Ciutadella park.

8. On top of the hill Tibidabo is the Tibidabo attraction’s park ! They are not open daily so check their website for more information about their opening times.

9. Go to the beach with them…. Barcelona has 5 km of beaches …on some places, there are playgrounds on the beach.

10. Take the Hop on and Hop off bus tour and sit on the deck, they will enjoy seeing all the nice monuments from the deck. You can get out to see one monument and go back on the next bus. Special price for children (See the Hop On and Hop Off post on this blog for more information).

We hope we have given you some good ideas for your stay with your children in Barcelona!

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